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Become a Driver

Want to be a private hire driver?

Cheap Cabs offers full training to help you become a private hire driver.
There are 2 ways of joining the industry as an owner driver or as a driver, you may also wish to work full time or on a casual basis/weekends. You can use your own car/ van or hire a company vehicle.


To become a taxi driver you need a passenger endorsement on your license. To get an endorsement you need to have held a full licence for 2 years, no medical conditions that affect professional driving, and no major criminal or driving convictions.

  • Medical certificate (driving)
  • Pass a full driving test (if not tested in the past 5 years)
  • Pass a passenger theory test
  • Land transport vetting

Owner driver

Owner drivers require a passenger endorsement as laid out above, and a passenger service licence.

  • No major criminal convictions
  • Pass a theory test in relation to owning and operating a small passenger vehicle
  • Cost $ 570.00 (Finance available)
Time frame for processing (land transport) 6 to 8 weeks.
NB: Both driving and owners licences can be done at the same time
All our training is done by our in house training partner.

What sort of Car can I use:

You must use a Hybrid or electric vehicle, no older than 7 years and is large enough to comfortably carry 4 or more passengers.
Your Vehicle requires a COF (the commercial version of a WOF)
As your Vehicle will be operating as a commercial vehicle you will need suitable insurance.

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